Lanjar : "i think the seminar is going to be great."
ryan : "what is it about? "
b. answer the following guations votreectly
lanjar : "it's about how to be a creative blog writer."
ryan : "do you have a blog? do you often write on your blog?
lanjar : yes, i do. well, i often write about my experiences. you should try it, it's really
fun. you can express your feelings and emotions freely on a blog.
ryan : "that's true. according to some psychologists, teenagers like us need to express
our emotions through appropriate channels. a blog might be one of them."
lanjar : "i have the same opinion with you, ryan."
ryan : "."
1. what is the seminar about?

2. what does lanjar often write about on his blog?

3. what is lanjar's opinion on writing a blog?

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Lanjar : "i think the seminar is going to be great."ryan : "what is it about? "b. answer the follo...