Complete the following dialogues with the appropriate

expressions! (rewrite and retype)

bayu : hi, what’s up? are you ok? you look a bit pale.

ramon : yes, i’m fine. i’m just a bit shocked.

bayu : what happen?

ramon : i just found out that a friend of mine uses drug.

bayu : really?

ramon : yes, i still can’t believe it. but what bugs me most is

what i should do about it.

bayu : well, i’d try to talk to him and ask him when and why

he uses drugs. then, remind him of that it’s actually poison.

ramon : but, i’m scared that i’ll offend him and he’ll stay away

from me.

bayu : do the first which is to approach him and have an

easy talk. and if that, doesn’t work i think you should inform his

family about it.

ramon : yes, you’re right. he needs .

bayu : but don’t get too close to him. i don’t want you to

get persuaded and influenced by him.

ramon : yes, i know.

b. answer the questions depend on the dialogue above!

1. what are they talking about?
2. write the example of suggestions of what bayu says to


3. what does ramon says to bayu when he agree on

bayu’s advices?

4. what is the synonyms of “offend”, “stay away”, “bugs”,

“approach”, and “persuaded”?

5. write your own advices for drugs user!

make passive sentences in present simple and present

future tense!

1. (the room/sweep/twice a day)

2. (this shop/open/before 8.00)

3. (nice cars/produce/in germany)

4. (more trees/cut down/day by day)

5. (sime animals/kill/in jungles)

make passive sentences the past simple and present

perfect tense!

1. (the forest/burn doen/in 1986)

2. (the school/build/a decade ago)

3. (your compter/infect/by a virus)

4. (his television/fix/last weekend)

5. (my clothes/wash/last night)

change the passive sentences into active sentences!

1. all the dishes were washed by my mother last night

2. nice clothes are produced in turkeyby some factories

3. the house is cleaned by the maid every saturday

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Complete the following dialogues with the appropriate expressions! (rewrite and retype)bayu : hi,...