Mind your pronunciation and bitonation
good morning, everybody. i'm your english teacher
my name's riki ardian and call me riki i live in
hamnioni housing estate, jalan kalibiru, block number
39. my house has a green wall and a mango tree in the
front yard. stop by
tusually spend my spare time for cooking, reading.
gardening and looking after my little girl ika.
toccasionally play the guitar and sing songs with my
wife. i also like traveling. we can go somewhere
together one day, can't we?
well, my favorite colors are black and white. talking
about food, i love rujak cingu, pempek and beefsteak surat publishers donnent
ilike tomato and carrot juice. it's very good for our health picture 1.2 a foach
that's my introduction. i'd like to hear yours, your
names, addresses, hobbies, etc. now i'd like you to stand
up and introduce yourselves in turns. who will be the first? vise.
text 2
good moming, mr. riki and everybody. allow me
to introduce myself, sir. my name's dewi putri sadewo.
you may call me dewi i'm from jambi. here, i live
with my grandparents at jalan kartini number 9. the
house is painted light brown and there's a rambutan tree
in the front yard. it also has a large backyard. my friends
and i play there at weekends. stop by when you
pass my house. i'll introduce you to them and we can
play together. it must be fun.
talking about hobbies, i love listening to music,
cycling, swimming and cooking. my favorite colors are
light green and pink. i love chicken noodles, boiled
sweet potatoes and sauted kangkung. that's about me.
source: pu
learning materials

activity 13
row the text
and answer the following
text is for questions 1 to 3.
1 why does mr. riki introduce himself?
2. how cam his students find mr. ri's home?
3. what are his hobbies?
text is for questi
what bete ahot
where is the
4. what is the text about?
5. where is she from?

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Mind your pronunciation and bitonationtext1good morning, everybody. i'm your english teachermy name'...